Monday, 30 November 2015

secret surprise (end of year present giving)

Room 21 are doing a end of year celebration of our learning, some people in room 21 are going to pick a name out of a hat and we won't know who the person got out of the hat but only the teacher knows who they picked out. 

By: Lia and Nolamae
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Thursday, 12 November 2015


On the 10th of November  is Diwali. We are a respective school so we celebrated this festival  with Indian religion.

      On Monday we did the Rangoli patterns,

    On Tuesday we wrote on a sheet of paper,
   On Thursday we did the henna patterns,

 On Friday we had the Diwali Assembly

      By  Lia and Nolamae 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


This year rm 21 have been doing AR whith MRS. SMITH.
On the 12 of November 2015, room 21 did fire works art.

rm 21 did a great job and effort with their own art.

                              CALENDAR ART 

This term hillpark school have done calendar art .

RM 21 have chosen their own idea.

we used different art tools  to our other class mates .

By: Lia and Nolamae


This week we are doing a Inquiry about   How we can help our garden grow better. We are using an action plan to help us. Some people are building bird houses,  Growing plants and some are mending the school green house. Lia and I are in a group with 2 other friend's. We are making bird 
house. We all had to do brain storm at  first and ask a lot 
of questions.  we have to finish it in 4 weeks,  we all are very excited                                                                                about the topic.                                                                                                                              

By: Nolamae and Lia

The zoo

Last term Room 21 went to the zoo. We saw lots of animals like otters, red pandas,tigers,hippos and wallabies and emus and other animals all around the world.All the animals were amazing,lots of parents helped.

Room 21 thanks Nolamae's dad,Sophie's mum,Tre's dad,Krisha's dad and Ben's mum.

We had a wonderful time and great experience.

By Lia and Nolamae



Tuesday, 10 November 2015

our awesome prodution

Last month we did production at Manurewa Intermediate it was so cool!! It was about different generations,

from the 1920s - 2000s. Rooms 21, 4 and 2 did 1930s the year 4,3 boys from rm 21 did puttin on

the ritz and some boys from room 21 were posh men and some girls were posh women. Some year 3,4 girls

and 1 boy from rm 21  and Year 1,2 girls from rooms 2,4 were doing the dance of sing sing sing.Once we

did our dance and all the other generations did there dance all the 1930s actors,dancers and props and

costumes did a big wave at the end.

Thank you to all the teachers and especially Miss Charles.Other wise the prodution wouldn't be possible, also a big thanks to Bree ,Analina,Eve and Tivtia.

By: Lia and Nolamae

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Cross country!!

Last week Thursday our school did  cross country. the people that came 1st-10th went to inter-school cross country. On Thursday the 27th of august 2015 we ran at mount foot park to compete, our school was competing 16 other schools.We came 4th or 5th.It was a beautiful day and they all did an amazing effort.   

Written by Lia Nelio and Nolamae Glass